Princess; My Black and Hyper Dog

MY 10 months old dog princess who is very hyper and love to bit my feet every time I enter the house and always jump at my face if she gets excited.

I cut her hair because I cant take a nice shot of her face because her coat is always on the way.

Her reaction while whistling at her, she always makes me laugh every time I whistle at her.

Playing with my mothers cute pillow.

Resting and looking at me, she wanted to go outside but I’m too lazy to stand up and open the door for her.  I always keep this hyper dog in my room because she has this bad habit mis-placing the shoes and slippers.

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The Hyper Puppy

The youngest and most hyper of all my three pets “princess”.

Always running around the house.  She maybe small but she’s a big trouble.
(shitzu cocker)
The black princess.  heheh.

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