My New Babies

My new babies are here and I would be busy again taking caring of them. The deworminh and vaccination that needs money. This how a animal lover worries when new puppies are born.

And since the puppies are still little. My escape which is the mall and going to the beach will be delayed because I can’t leave them and the mother alone.

So here it is, my new cute babies.

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Random Photo of the Day; 6/366


This our new pet. I have hard time choosing a name for this little fury pup. I named her sam because I once saw a movie with a pet named sam. I forgot the tittle then I change it to dora because she looks like dora to me then change it to sam. Now she is sam, final name. Like taking picture of ramdom things around me with my samsung E7 from sister with Love…

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My Simple yet Cute Joy

One of my reasons why I went to gensan aside from visiting my parents are the puppies, our dog swety’s little puppies. My father keep on mentioning about sweety’s puppies that they’re really cute and had a very thick fur just like our prince, so I got curious and went to gensan to see them personally. I love cute things and I find this puppies really cute not just they have similarity when prince was little but they really are cute and little literally hehehe. I wanted to bring one at home but thinking about the 10hours time travel by bus was kind of stressful and tiring not just for me but for the puppy the most.

I bring this cutie inside my room because my parents won’t allow me to bring them all that time. hehehe

Travelling with pets in a public transportation is not really advisable especially buses because of the space and you just have to seat the entire travel.Putting them in cages also is nice but the question is where would you put that cage when the baggage space inside a bus is not that spacious and not really intended for cages or big baggage’s. I don’t want to put the little puppy for the big baggage space because they might die before we arrive Davao city and we have to rode another bus going to Cagayan. Travel time from general santos city going to Davao takes 3hours and from Davao to Cagayan you have to seat 8hours and if the road is under-construction or the driver is sleepy it will take additional minutes travel time. So, I just take a photo of this cute little animal instead. Some of the puppies have name but most of them don’t have and it’s okay since we have difficulty memorizing all seven of them.

This one don’t have a name also and I don’t know why, we just call them puppies. hehehe.

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