My New Babies

My new babies are here and I would be busy again taking caring of them. The deworminh and vaccination that needs money. This how a animal lover worries when new puppies are born.

And since the puppies are still little. My escape which is the mall and going to the beach will be delayed because I can’t leave them and the mother alone.

So here it is, my new cute babies.

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New born puppies in the house!


We have new puppies in the house. I have no intention of making my little nestle pregnant because I don’t like giving away his puppies. Even if I wanted to keep all the puppies but sad to say, I can’t. The resources are very low and I can’t let my parents burden with those things, they have already to much to handle for themselves.

Unfortunately, I can’t keep watch with my female fur baby 24/7 so she wont be pregnat or breed. So this is what happen. My boy fur baby smelled it and without me knowing that the fury girl is in heat. How would I know, I am not a dog and I was not able to notice the blood of the fury girl when she has it.

Now, I have no choice but to accept that my nestle is already a mommy with 5 little puppies. Eventhough I have a feeling that there is something wrong with the puppies (not that sure though) but hoping it is false alarm. I still wanted the puppies to have a good and responsible new master because I can’t keep all 5 of them. SO sad because I really like them to stay but we already have 5 dogs altogether and an additional 5 more is a big problem not only for the accomodation as well as the food.

So now, I would just enjoy this little puppies and observe if they will be fine and kicking.

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New puppies

Our few days old puppies. New addituon to the family or not. Just wait amd see. It is too early to tell. It is still up if we have enough resources to feed these little puppies.

Note to self: next time if your furry girl is in heat, cage him so that your furry dog can’t make her pregnant..

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