Everybody Needs a Good Cell Phone

Regardless of what you call them from mobile phone, cellular phone, cell phone to smartphone, while the name has changed over time so has the design and capabilities. Your traditional cell phone has come a long way since it first landed on the open market for public use. Cellular phones have gone from the size and weight of a brick to the size and weight of a cigarette pack to sleeker, thinner and all around more style than ever thought possible. Currently, these mobile phones are referred to as smartphones and are more versatile than ever before. From text messaging to mapping and checking emails to taking pictures your smartphone can do so much more than just place phone calls. Now that you have yourself a sleek and slender phone, you need to figure out where you should you put that snazzy hand-held device in? When it comes to the best cell phone case that all depends on the size and type of your phone. If you are a woman than you are in luck because you can just stuff your smartphone in your purse. However, if you are a man, then carrying a smartphone is not that easy. According to an article by Marcel Brown, many men usually will attempt to put their smartphones in their shirt or pant pockets. This use to work back in the day when the phone was just a phone. However, now with fragile touchscreens and variances in length, it is not as easy to be put it in your pocket. While you want to do your best to protect your phone while you carry it, you also need for it to be free and accessible to take those important calls. According to an article on Gizmodo, don’t worry too much about your phone because it was designed to take a slight beating. Let your phone be free and it will be smaller too without all that extra baggage on it.

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