Girly, sexy dresses; just me! feeling pretty

I own few dresses (thanks to my sister) just hanging in my closet. I can’t wear it in public because I am not use to wearing those kind of dresses and it’s too sexy to the people in our neighborhood. So most of the time, I just wear it at home (lol). I like dresses because it make me look matured woman and for a change I want to wear dress when having an date or just hanging out in the mall. However, since those dresses (sister’s dresses) are too much for the viewer to handle. I just pick the younger sister’s girly and not too sexy dresses she bought. I like to wear the stripey pairing with flat shoes because I am more comfortable but I still have to think about it though.

Like this one, the first one I put in my bag to bring home. ;-)
Still thinking about it, to wear or not to wear…
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Love to Buy New FootWear

Flat sandals (because i like it flat), flip flops, flat shoes and other footwear that we usually wear everyday is what i’m dying to buy for a couple of days now. If i’m having a date, i like to wear flat shoes (ballerina alike shoes) like the one i bought in Davao and i want to go back there to buy the other color of those cute shoes. I regretted that i did not follow my mother’s advice when she said to buy another pair, but maybe next months or the coming months i would visit my parents again and stop by at SM Davao on my way to General Santos to my parents house. And flat sandals and flip-flaps are perfect to wear when going to the beach or just want to chill at the mall and do some window shopping. I always buy cheaper footwear because of my limited financial situation but sometime if i got more opportunity (comes with a lot of moolah), i can afford to buy two pair of sandals or flip-flops footwear.

Having a new pair of those footwear is what i need, because sometime i can’t decide what to wear when going out to buy food or food for the pets. My old footwear are already very old and some of it are chewed by my pets and i can’t use it anymore. But if i don’t have anything nice to wear, i still wear it despite if the chewed part is showing. Sometime, i don’t really care what people think on what i wear. It is still a footwear and i can still use it if i wanted it. I wish i can buy new pair of footwear. One way of pampering myself especially my foot and for the sake of my social life, if i had one hehehe.

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New Floral Wallet

Fresh from my bags, hehehe.. floral wallet from avon.  The key chain was a gift from a blogger friend. Thanks again., love it..

Every woman desire beautiful stuff and every woman deserved those beautiful stuff. We love the latest fashion clothes and love to wear beautiful make-ups when going out. And since I’m a woman I took the privilege to purchase myself this floral wallet for my own happiness. I seldom received gift and it’s usually not the wallet I want to have. Got this few days ago and still loving it. My first time to buy wallet that is way beyond my wallet buying limit cost but it’s all worth it. I can put my photos inside and a lot of space for the bills and coins ,(only space , empty money space hehe) and the cards. My gift to myself for being me LOL..

This wallet will be useful in my travels, I don’t have to put my coins and bills anywhere because I can’t find my coin purse and my old wallet. It’s big and I can use it without bringing my big bags when buying groceries or paying jeepney and bus fare, cute and very much floral. hehehe

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