My New Babies

My new babies are here and I would be busy again taking caring of them. The deworminh and vaccination that needs money. This how a animal lover worries when new puppies are born.

And since the puppies are still little. My escape which is the mall and going to the beach will be delayed because I can’t leave them and the mother alone.

So here it is, my new cute babies.

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Karma may fall to those lying neighbors

I don’t know if it is true but I would be staying positive that karma will fall to them, and make the realize that instance the bad they did. I was very nice to one of my father’s friend, a dog trainee as my father said. I am not profoundly fun for my dog to be a stud but my father insisted and buying new dog is expensive. I would just ask one if I allow my dog to breed his female dog.

The plan of breeding our dogs got push through and I was excited because I will have new dog again and this time it is smaller than my prince. I was confident that his dog will get pregnant because prince did the breeding beyond expectation. Then the bad news come just when I have to wait a little time to meet the new puppy. The friend of my father said that his dog is not pregnant. I don’t to think bad but let God do the judging.

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White and Furry Pet

This is Milo before…. not so furry..


And this is Milo now,. How time flies and fur grow overtime. A new furcut is a must.


Let the cutting begin…..

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