Desperation for Good Life

Life is unpredictable to some and presictable to others. I wish I possea that kind of outlook because life in my side of world is full of insults just because you happen to catch all the bad and unfortunate things this life is giving. Yeah! Yeah! I am the one who blame for everything that is occuring. But in my defense, I may not do my best but I did my part and too bad the outcome is worst to the point of feeling desperate to make your life bearable. Because you don’t know what the people around you is thinking and you have to be caution always because you have a big debt to them to pay. And once they don’t agree on you behavior, they throw insults at you. If I know this will happen ,I would choose to do the opposite during that time because the insulta they thrown at you is just like killing your inner self.

Those peooke who help others and spending big amount of money on them and at the moment they cant pay you back gives them the right insult them? Life really most of the time bit you in the bum bum in the most unexpected time. And kill you spirit.

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Stressful Line

Went to visit avon store earlier to pay. I was gonna pay yesterday but I assume that many avon dealer would pay that day, so I decided to visit today. I was hoping that only few dealer would order or pay but to my dismay. When I enter the store, It was full of them, avon dealers and the line was really long. And since I was just going to pay and don’t want to order new avon item. I line up, then, after a few minutes waiting and watching all the dealers busy looking for their missing items and some are still looking for new item while waiting for their turn. I decided to come back tomorrow, hoping that it will not the same as today.

“Patience is a virtue” that’s what most people say and indeed it is true, but I sometimes forget it. When the fact that I should try hard to apply it to myself everyday. I just hate falling in line for a few hours, it’s stressful and boring especially when you have to stand every minutes and hours before your turn.

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