Looking for that Bass

I’ve notice that up until now graduation celebration is still happening. Posting picture of the gradutes together with their family wearing that wide smilea because you will be facing the new chapter of your adult and eduaction life for those lower grades. The happy and loud music because since it is a happy occation for the whole family as well as for the school. That is why using the beat quality music and http://www.musiciansfriend.com/bass is one of the priorities. And on the other hand, if you want to buy gift online, you can always click the musician’s friends sites for that awesomes gift.

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My New Babies

My new babies are here and I would be busy again taking caring of them. The deworminh and vaccination that needs money. This how a animal lover worries when new puppies are born.

And since the puppies are still little. My escape which is the mall and going to the beach will be delayed because I can’t leave them and the mother alone.

So here it is, my new cute babies.

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Just been to the Mall of Music

Yesterday was quit awesome since I spend roaming around the mall with my two cutie and handsome nephews. They bought portable pool since summer is here and the climate is a bit off and on but more on the heat prevail. Then we run into an open viewing of a musical instruments while Elvis Presley in human size statue as the main model holding a guitar.

The nephews especially the little one is having fun strumming the guitar string. We keep pulling him because he might broken or ruin the line of the gorgeous guitar display. The little cutie monster really like it a lot but he is still too little to play with it, though they already owned a little guitar that is fitting for both the boys size. Atleas we already know where to visit if time comes they want the real one, the guitar and all its accessories and other equipment needed that is aside from the Guitar Center, 12ax7 tubes we know online. It us really amazing how online helps you find what you are looking for just make sure those sites are legit and trustwothy.

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