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2014 Calendar from Cepalco

My mother use to order personalized calendar before. I don’t know why it stop. Maybe because it is expensive and we always received calendars from different company if we buy something in that store. It is a company calendar but it is still a calendar right. Where all the months and dates and holidays and special holiday written and presents. Last year, I received few of those company calendars and I only use my cellphone’s calendar because I always forget that I have a big and small calendar hanging in my bedroom wall even in our balcony. Anyways, I pay my electric bills earlier and I got this 2014 table calendar.

It would be much better if they just let me pay the one month bills and not the two months. I don’t mind if they don’t give me a calendar (seriously) or reduce the electric bills or something.

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Stressful Line

Went to visit avon store earlier to pay. I was gonna pay yesterday but I assume that many avon dealer would pay that day, so I decided to visit today. I was hoping that only few dealer would order or pay but to my dismay. When I enter the store, It was full of them, avon dealers and the line was really long. And since I was just going to pay and don’t want to order new avon item. I line up, then, after a few minutes waiting and watching all the dealers busy looking for their missing items and some are still looking for new item while waiting for their turn. I decided to come back tomorrow, hoping that it will not the same as today.

“Patience is a virtue” that’s what most people say and indeed it is true, but I sometimes forget it. When the fact that I should try hard to apply it to myself everyday. I just hate falling in line for a few hours, it’s stressful and boring especially when you have to stand every minutes and hours before your turn.

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New Floral Wallet

Fresh from my bags, hehehe.. floral wallet from avon.  The key chain was a gift from a blogger friend. Thanks again., love it..

Every woman desire beautiful stuff and every woman deserved those beautiful stuff. We love the latest fashion clothes and love to wear beautiful make-ups when going out. And since I’m a woman I took the privilege to purchase myself this floral wallet for my own happiness. I seldom received gift and it’s usually not the wallet I want to have. Got this few days ago and still loving it. My first time to buy wallet that is way beyond my wallet buying limit cost but it’s all worth it. I can put my photos inside and a lot of space for the bills and coins ,(only space , empty money space hehe) and the cards. My gift to myself for being me LOL..

This wallet will be useful in my travels, I don’t have to put my coins and bills anywhere because I can’t find my coin purse and my old wallet. It’s big and I can use it without bringing my big bags when buying groceries or paying jeepney and bus fare, cute and very much floral. hehehe

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