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My New Babies

My new babies are here and I would be busy again taking caring of them. The deworminh and vaccination that needs money. This how a animal lover worries when new puppies are born.

And since the puppies are still little. My escape which is the mall and going to the beach will be delayed because I can’t leave them and the mother alone.

So here it is, my new cute babies.

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White and Furry Pet

This is Milo before…. not so furry..


And this is Milo now,. How time flies and fur grow overtime. A new furcut is a must.


Let the cutting begin…..

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Pet’s Parlor is Expensive

Even-though there is a pet parlor that is on promo on cutting my furry babies. It would not be a good idea at this time to send them to a pet parlor. We have a new batch of pets in our hands. Additional expensive so that the mother furry baby can take care of her pups.

The stray cat now a house cat gave is pregnant and soon will give birth to 3 little kittens and most of the time we feed her catfood. And on the other side, the furry baby princess also is pregnant and hopefully will gave birth to just 4 cute puppies so she won’t be having hard time. Vitamins and dog food with big amount of protein is what she needs.

That is why we just make ourselves a barber for our own dogs. We cut these dogs fur ourselves. Soon the BF house will look like an animal shelter because he already owned 3 female dogs namely conan (the rott), Hercules (the shepherd) and milo (the mixed breed). And here is the result of the DIY pets fur cutting.


This is princess, my pregnant baby.


Here is prince, the one responsible why my princess is preggy.

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