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Looking for that Bass

I’ve notice that up until now graduation celebration is still happening. Posting picture of the gradutes together with their family wearing that wide smilea because you will be facing the new chapter of your adult and eduaction life for those lower grades. The happy and loud music because since it is a happy occation for the whole family as well as for the school. That is why using the beat quality music and is one of the priorities. And on the other hand, if you want to buy gift online, you can always click the musician’s friends sites for that awesomes gift.

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Exam Day: Gods and Goddesses

We thank God that final’s over. Finally we can rest and relax before enrolling this summer class.

It may be fun for others or in way for us our finals in Work Literature because we are assign to portray the Gods and Goddesses of Greek and their Roman names. I happen to be Diana, the Roman equivalent of Artemis. The costume is hard to find especially if you’re not that creative. Thankful that at the last minute I did perform and deliver my lines will.
Diana, Roman Goddess
I happen to portray Diana and this is what I came up. Almost almost (I think).
Excuse the bow and arrow. I don’t know how to make it so I just bought it on a kiddy toy section at the mall.

Now, we just have to wait what would be our grades on this event.

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Sale on Secosana Bags

Holidays are very near and malls and other stores are on sale.
How nice it is to find the things that you love especially bags in a cheaper price. Went to SM and found this cute blue secosana bag. Perfect for a gift. If your in a tight budget and want to have good stuff that last. This is the perfect holiday season to be fashionable but affordable. Happy shopping!!!

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