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Desperation for Good Life

Life is unpredictable to some and presictable to others. I wish I possea that kind of outlook because life in my side of world is full of insults just because you happen to catch all the bad and unfortunate things this life is giving. Yeah! Yeah! I am the one who blame for everything that is occuring. But in my defense, I may not do my best but I did my part and too bad the outcome is worst to the point of feeling desperate to make your life bearable. Because you don’t know what the people around you is thinking and you have to be caution always because you have a big debt to them to pay. And once they don’t agree on you behavior, they throw insults at you. If I know this will happen ,I would choose to do the opposite during that time because the insulta they thrown at you is just like killing your inner self.

Those peooke who help others and spending big amount of money on them and at the moment they cant pay you back gives them the right insult them? Life really most of the time bit you in the bum bum in the most unexpected time. And kill you spirit.

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Expect the unexpected; a journey to a confusing teaching

Learning to solve is fun especially if you fully understand what the teacher is trying to convey. You get to solve numbers and use your pens (since i love pens) and feel happy when you came out with the right answers. Unfortunately my teacher possess a confusing way of teaching. He is good in what he do (he always brags about it) but most of the time I got confuse at what he really wanted to teach us. I don’t mind if he keeps on blabbing about life and all but I think he should be firm and clear in his instructions.

During our exam, I was confident in answering those solving questions because I know by heart and mind how to do it but when I got the result, WOW, just ‘wow’ I was ashame because I did not expect my exam result will be that low. I keep on complaining to him about it and still he keeps on doing it, changing his instructions. I just wonder what was my mistake and I can’t find it out since he still had our testpaper. I just hope he overlook some of my answers and he gave me the wrong grades.

Eventhough I keep telling myself that always expect the unexpected with this teacher, it is still surprising and discouraging to recieve a low grade from him. I wake up this morning with a heavy body and went home with a heavy body and worry heart, sad.

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Thesis and Me

One of the requirements in finishing a Bachelor Degree is to make Thesis. And it so happen that I really want to do it myself but things will not work out the way I want (need) it, well maybe if I reformat my brain and transfer more information about Thesis making. I envy those student that are more than capable of making it themselves.

When you realize that Education is important especially if you don’t have an extreme talent like those billionaire’s and millionaire’s (according to them) that doesn’t have college degree, you need to finish a degree to have a high paying, 8-5 job (or just a decent paying job) a feed and pay the bills yourself. I am on my 3rd year in BS in Elementary Education and I don’t want to mention my age anymore because it will just enlarge my disappointment to my early age decisions and actions. Your reap what you sow, according to the bible. Now, I am at lost in our thesis. I can’t even compose a simple introduction (what a shame) and this year I will be in my 4rth year. All I could say is Good Luck to me.

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