Movie Watching for a Change

Well, I don’t know what other guys and gals preferred when watching movies but since the day I was jobless, my movie watching changes too. Watching movies in a movie house is expensive for me and if I watch movies in a movie house/theater every time I spotted a good movies, I surely need job for that leisure time and I don’t have one for few years. Now, I always watch movies on DVD’s or online, it depends on the availability or which ways the movie come out first but before, movie house is more appealing to me that DVD’s and online. I don’t know how to pick a good dvd copy and on online, I hate waiting to the movie to upload. The buffer and most of the time, the time spend just searching for a good site that has good movie copy and all.

Yesterday, I watch The Avenger’s on a movie house courtesy of my friend who insisted that we watch it on big screen because we always heard good feedback on that movie. And It’s really a good choice to watch it on big screen. The movie was superb, full of action and it is also funny. I watch the Iron man 1&2, Thor, Captain America and Hulk on DVD’s and online because I don’t have extra to spend on movie house/ theater but yesterday it was worth it. I really do enjoy watching it on big screen on 3D. The effects and all feels like the real thing. It is nice to watch good movies on movie house/theater, aside from the big screen, cool place and big space, you can also enjoy window shopping after. I should do this more often because It’s fun and nice to go out and watch a movie outside once or twice a week. Just to give ourselves a break from all the worries and change movie watching pastime for a change.

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