Capitol Ground’s Event: Powerlifting

This event happen last year, I think December. My first time to witness a Power-lifting event here in the City of Friendship CDO. This my special friend ;-) lifting this very heavy barbell. They say it weight five sack of rice, I really don’t know I’m just busy taking pictures and do a face reaction every time the participants lift this very heavy thing. linking this to # 25/ 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

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11 Responses to “Capitol Ground’s Event: Powerlifting”

  1. Tina says:

    Gosh.. imagine unsa na ka bug at – 5 sacks of rice?

    Visiting from 25/366 Challenge..:)

  2. Mrs.D says:

    hala…kuyaw jud ani ba…ehehee…sos, dko ka antigo ani..bisan man gani pag arsa ug bata bug-atan…unsa na kaha ug puthaw…nyahahhaa!

  3. wow! what a strong friend you have Sis, my husband does that too during the summer in our garage :-) Visiting from #25 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  4. emzkie says:

    it doesnt look that heavy. hehe =D

    visiting #25 of BPC

  5. Gengen says:

    I saw like that before in the TV but not the real thing it might be fun…Kusgan kaayo sila ba.

  6. Shydub says:

    kinsa imung special friend weng si jopet? aguy pwedi na siya mag kargador sa pier hehehe jok lng

  7. Pinx says:

    wow… ka-strong sa imong special friend… hehehe… nah, unta akong bana ana pud… hahahah! murag kutsara and tinidor kayang arsahon pirmi! hahahaha! late visit from BPC 25

  8. Euroangel says:

    super power jud ni sila..looks cool..thanks sa visit..

  9. Euroangel says:

    liked and followe you in google

  10. wow, what a beautiful sight to see but honestly i don’t like men with big bodies , baka mapipi nila ako, he he he, thanks for visiting my entry.

  11. hope you can join green monday meme too at