Having a hard time seeing my E7 photos if I connect it to a Computer

I am not really into technology because it gives me headache reading and absorbing those technology term information. I just go with my instinct and those terms that I can understand. That is why I still have big problems when dealing in connecting my mobile phone into a personal computer.

This was my problem since last year, I can’t see the photos of my E7 phone when I connect it to my laptop or any personal computer. I’ m thinking, maybe I just forgot or the phone don’t have the device that let it connect automatically when you insert you USB phone cord to a laptop, (I don’t know! that is just I thought).

I make it a big deal because It helps me to update my blog. I seldom update it but when I do, I mostly use photos especially the sissyspastime.info because it talks about family, home improvement and decor, and I wanted to post the recent happenings updates of our family and their households. It is easier for me to construct a sentence when I have those pictures. Hope I can settle this small technology dilemma of mine.

So, right now, I still need to save again. Last year I was keep talking about saving some money, until now, I am still wondering where are those? Just keeping it together.

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2016 Activity: Doing a Photo of a Day

I just saw/read it on facebook because most bloggers I know are doing it. They post a daily photos with a theme on it. Since I am not that active on blogging, I started a daily photo of my own but just random everyday photos. And since it is everyday, it is a wonderful and bright idea to post it not only on IG but also in this blog. Last year I neglected those blogs that I maintain because aside from laziness, online connection, poor grammar (still has it) and lack of things to blog, I was in a bad shape (health problems). So now, I am trying to update those blog before my sister who pay those blog give up paying it this year since I can’t tell her that I will be the one paying because those blogs don’t have stable income (sad). But I still have transfer the previous that I take and post in this blog. That is why picture is important and connection.

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Random Photo of the Day; 6/366


This our new pet. I have hard time choosing a name for this little fury pup. I named her sam because I once saw a movie with a pet named sam. I forgot the tittle then I change it to dora because she looks like dora to me then change it to sam. Now she is sam, final name. Like taking picture of ramdom things around me with my samsung E7 from sister with Love…

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