Too late to transfer

Steeping out on your comfort zone is a little impossible if you happen to make a wrong assumption on something. I share it in some of my past post about me getting a degree. In choosing a new school to achieved that goal. It is important and a must to inquire and be vigilant about the school in the area because some of those schools are not even average type of school or college school.

The new college school I am writing right now not only has a problem with their curriculum but also have problem with hiring new college teachers. The school facilities at the same time is very poor. Just because you have a low tuition fee doesn’t mean that you also give low quality education.

They don’t even have a club that children will developed their talent like singing or playing music instrument to keep them from doing bad vices. they have a arts and music subject but dont have the facility and instrument to help those children learn new things or acquire new talent in playing music instruments like fender ukulele which is unique. In other country, as early a possible, schools helps children learn new things for them to know what are they capable of and to help them achieved beyond their capacity. So, a reminder to all, be very careful in choosing where you go to because now a days looks can really deceiving and most of the new company name or even school name is just a name.

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Back to School… again

And here we are again, summer is really over. It is a little unprepared again going back to school (college). Most parents and college folks are busy buying school stuff. Actually, I notice since last month most of the school supply stores are jumpack with parents. It is a good thing though because they don’t have to join the Other parents who buy school supply for their children late.

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Manage your pace ilok

What I lovr about most apps are you can choose the best to make your personal files safe from other and at the same time help you personal especially those important documents. If you always forget something it is troublesome to find it.

Keeping your personal and important file is easy and surely safe with pace ilok because you can manage and place ilok manager and licences.

One way of organizing managing and organizing you important documents and lincence.

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