Tutorial for activating spelling check using samsung E7

I already posted few days ago that I am using my samsung E7 in updating my blog because I don’t have a laptop anymore.

The experience is easy and convenient but I have a hard time on spelling. Yeah! I am slow in spelling and I don’t pay much attention in spelling when typing because I got use to my laptop (it highlight when the spelling is wrong) before.

I keep tinkering where is that spelling button. Hmmmm can anyone instruct me to the right direction?

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Discounted shoes and sandals at Payless

I got lucky a few months ago because I got the chance to buy 2 pairs of shoes at payless. They have a very big discount on selected shoes and sandal. Good thing I found two pairs that I like. I only pay less than 900 for the two pair of footwear.

I have to use it alternately because I don’t want to ruin those pair right away. I don’t have extra money for a new pair of shoes. I am still thinking what to do with my jobless disposition.

Maybe I would just wish for santa to buy me 3 pair of footwear this Christmas. What do you think? Lol

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Blog Posting with My Samsung E7

Today, got my new prepaid net using the mobile data. I am not using then pocket wifi because I don’t have money for it. I was poor before but I am much poorer now hehehe. Despite the hardship and struggle, I am still optimistic and keep telling myself that everything is fine and well.

One thing that makes it fine and well is the recent discover of posting using my samsung e7 (thanks to my sis for it) phone and it will not cost me more. Just a 15 pesos and subscibed it to GO SURF 15 I already can surf the net and play hay day.

Loving every minute of this 5.7 inches gadget. More handy and nice since my laptop take a permanent of absence. The netbook give me a hard time. I forgot how to turn off the spelling checks and grammar. I don’t remember turning it on in the first place.

I just have to learn how to turn on the spell check on this little baby.

Posting here and there and everywhere with my samsung e7. Clap clap.

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