Crowning Glory

Today, achieving a long and short hair is not that hard, even bald people can have the hair he/she want. You can wear your crowning glory long, short or curly by wearing wigs. Local and international artist always use hair extension but the wigs are more popular. So if you’re looking for a crowning glory that suits for your style click here for wigs of your choice. It is easier and more convenient than searching around the city.

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Sorting my Tagalog Pocketbook Collection

I already posted few of my tagalog pocketbook collection in a group on FB who loves to read tagalog pocketbooks. The original price now for tagalog pocketbooks in National Bookstore is already P39.00. The PHR company (Precious heart romances) increase it few months ago because they said’ that the material for printing is already high so they have to increase the price also. But since these tagalog collection is already old and it is a 2nd hand. I will be selling it low from the original price when I bought it (P35.00) few years ago, although most of it are still looks new (to me).

Right now, I am still sorting most of it. I don’t really know the exact count of these collections. I just want to sell it on SALE price. Some of those pocketbook author are Martha Cecilia, Rose Tan, Sonia Francesca and most of it are from Vanessa. I love vanessa. I am still looking for her old series like Love Junkies. I was not able to buy some of it few years ago. That is why I am selling these babies because I want to buy those Reprint that I was not able to buy a very long time ago.

Feel free to visit this website for more SALE Tagalog Pocketbooks. All of it are second hand. I also have few of LOVE MATCH pocketbooks.

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SALE! “Sonia Francesca” Pocketbooks

Another batch of my Tagalog Pocketbook Collections. This time, I am selling Sonia Francesca’s tagalog pocketbook collections. See all 20pcs of Miss Sonia Francesca’s pocketbook collection below. If you love this author like I do. Feel free to comment below if you want to buy it all for P500.00 only, shipping included with 3 pcs, My special Valentines Pbooks (see tittles below)



And Then There Was You
Blue Nights
A little not over you
For the love of Jeremiah
It’s just you
A kiss in the rain
Matters of the heart
My lord ace
Pustahan tayo, mahal kita (los caballeros)
My love, my hero (Los caballeros)
Basta para sa ‘yo (Los caballeros)
Jigger Samaniego 1 ( Stallion series)
Jigger Samaniego 2 ( Stallion series)
Hans Cervantes ( Stallion series)
Trigger Samaniego 2 ( Stallion series)
Baxter Saavedra ( Stallion series)
Rozen Aldequer ( Stallion series)
Cloud Montanez ( Stallion series)
Guilty of loving you
I love you and its all right

Free: 3 pcs, My special Valentines Pbooks
The Cinderella Project (elise estrella)
Sweet Lynette (Sefah Mil)
Sweet Temptation (Jade Anne franco)

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