Buyer’s Guide

I was not really that interested before in playing any music instruments. All I want when I was little and growing-up is to have fun with my friends whom not likely as well have knowledge about some musical instruments.

The only music instrument that I am familiar is the guitar and drums. I don’t know how to play those drums and was not able to find time to learn it too. However, I tried to learn the guitar once but failed miserable but for those who are planning to buy a new set of electric guitar, Read Full Review before buying.

In today’s high technology, It is important to learn and read reviews if you want to buy a certain music instruments or any kinds of product, items online or anywhere. It helps you to decide if the product really is effective and good quality because people already experience using it. The reviews are like a buyer’s guide to know the advantage and disadvantage of a certain things that you want to buy.

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Nestle the black puppy

My cute, energetic, adorable and black as night with a touch of little (a very little in that matter) white fur nestle. She’s the only one remain in my care because she’s still a little puppy few months ago and it is easy to carry her than the two other of my dogs which by the way in the care of my boyfriend.


I don’t know when and how will I get those two dogs but I will not worry about that thing at the moment because my parents still have quit a few puppy that is hard to handle at the time being. They wanted to give all those 7 puppy but sad to say, we still can’t find a suitable owner.


Anyways, at this moment, this adorable little gal pup is my only cuddle buddy. I have to tie her in a leash because my mother won’t allow her to enter to house. She can be a big pain in the back if you let her roam around the house. She will pee and poop anywhere she want. I was not able to train her to pee and poop outside due to a medical situation. I will try to train her when I get better to she can stay inside with me, that’s a promise. hehehe

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Crowning Glory

Today, achieving a long and short hair is not that hard, even bald people can have the hair he/she want. You can wear your crowning glory long, short or curly by wearing wigs. Local and international artist always use hair extension but the wigs are more popular. So if you’re looking for a crowning glory that suits for your style click here for wigs of your choice. It is easier and more convenient than searching around the city.

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