Expect the unexpected; a journey to a confusing teaching

Learning to solve is fun especially if you fully understand what the teacher is trying to convey. You get to solve numbers and use your pens (since i love pens) and feel happy when you came out with the right answers. Unfortunately my teacher possess a confusing way of teaching. He is good in what he do (he always brags about it) but most of the time I got confuse at what he really wanted to teach us. I don’t mind if he keeps on blabbing about life and all but I think he should be firm and clear in his instructions.

During our exam, I was confident in answering those solving questions because I know by heart and mind how to do it but when I got the result, WOW, just ‘wow’ I was ashame because I did not expect my exam result will be that low. I keep on complaining to him about it and still he keeps on doing it, changing his instructions. I just wonder what was my mistake and I can’t find it out since he still had our testpaper. I just hope he overlook some of my answers and he gave me the wrong grades.

Eventhough I keep telling myself that always expect the unexpected with this teacher, it is still surprising and discouraging to recieve a low grade from him. I wake up this morning with a heavy body and went home with a heavy body and worry heart, sad.

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Visiting your awesome guitar store for self indulgent

As I remember, we only have one musical instrument store here in General Santos City and it is located inside a mall so you don’t have to do the extra mile in indulging yourself in visiting it. A convenient idea for those future music lover to buy themselves thier kind of guitar or musical instruments.

My 5 year old nephew still deciding if he likes to lear to play the guitar since he is fun in watching children show on tv and online. One of those show like barney featured learning how to play guitar is a fun thing to do with your friends. So my nephew ask his parents to buy him a guitar but they refuses because the one my nephew want is a bit expensive and the parents think that the nephew is not that serious about it. Thankfully, the nephew’s grandmother from his mother side visited and it’s been a while since she last saw him so she bought him the guitar the one that fitted (small guitar) the nephew. It was a very happy day for the nephew since he gets that guitar at one of those guitar ctr stores that cater not only the guitar for adult but for little dudes as well who find guitar playing is fun and exciting.

Maybe some mommies should try to indulge thier children to those kind of musical activity to help them discover or just give thier children some fun things to do during summer or after school activities.

When your been there in that situation and you still never learn

I tried to not want to call myself stupid in being at the same situation and still doing the same thing just like the first time you’ve been in that situation but I’am really that stupid. Last week was our Mid-term and just like the past mid-term and pre-lim I keep telling myself to just focus and eventually you can memorize and in a way understand it clearly. However, everytime I tried my mind wonders and I forgot what I’am reading. The saddest part is that I tend to blackout during those exam so I only realize it afer I pass my test paper.

Going back to school with your brain mix-up and to many angs hanging are a pressure ready to boil but you have to keep it together because you have to think about your future, family and the one who paid your tuition. That you have to be strong, persistent, and brave enough to ovecome and be the someone you need youself to be.