Heated dog beds

A dog is a very good companion if you ask me. A very good friend because they will never leave you no matter what, unless if you will be the one disposing them like a garbage which is cruel. That is why I hate watching those videos and pictures about pet owner neglecting their pets because I can’t want that to my pet. I owned a shitzu terrier and since prince was still a puppy. My sister and I make sure that he gets the best care that we can give. We buy all the necessary accessories that he needs. Shampoo for dogs, cutter for their nails, toothbrush, best dog-food and beds etc.

Making my pet feel loved is important to me. So, even if the dog accessories and all their basic needs are very expensive I try to buy it just for him. Even a heated dog beds if only we have snow or winter season in our country. However, it would be very welcoming idea for my sister who live in Las Vegas and Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian because they have winter there. It would be a very comfy gift for their pets.

What I love about the heated dog bed is because it is recommended for indoor (household) use, easy care poly filled bed, removable heater for washing, low wattage, energy efficient, internal dual thermostats keep the temperature at a comfortable 102° when in use. When not in use the surface of the bed will remain 10° to 15° above ambient air (room) temperature. Temperatures much warmer than 102° are unsafe for pet and Great for small dogs. Perfect for my cute prince because he is a small type of breed. But since we don’t have have very cold weather here, I can enthusiastically suggest this to my other siblings who love dogs too.


In our country, only few selected places that had very cold climate. The place or province that I belong or lived-in don’t experience much about cold weather. That is why we use ac (air-condition) in our room because of the hot weather and prince also need cold temperature because he has a very think coat. But so far, he already adjust on the hot temperature which is a very good thing.

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Still Adjusting: Life’s Journey as an Old Student

for many years, I am back to pursue my old course. When I graduated in High School way way wayyyyy back. I don’t want to be a teacher instead I want to be a stewardess but unfortunately, that course was not offer in CDO that time and in Cebu City as well. So, I took up BS in elementary education but I just finish my one sem because of financial difficulties and I don’t want to pursue education. To make the story short, I shifted and end up a vocational graduate and was not able to use it also. Struggling to find a better paying, stable and enjoyable job end up a jobless gal still struggling in all aspect of my life.

Before, my problem is financial and how to get a fun job, now all of it are hunting me. The financial, education, intellect and more. Unfortunately, you can’t turn back the hands of time. So, my first step (crossing everything that this will work) is to go back to school (thanks to my two sister) and try very hard to finish a degree and if God’s will, I can pass the LET exam and teach in public school few years from now.

The regrets won’t matter anymore because if I dwell on it, I will be depress than before. I just try to make things easier one day at a time even if it is hard. It is so much different right now. The teachers are different, the students are too young and full of fun and enthusiasm. It is very shameful but I even have some problem in spelling and memorizing. It is true that when you get old (in my case) you need a memory enhancer. I am not conscious in my spelling before because I have spell check in my laptop (hehehe). I have to wake up early to school, bring some notebooks, bags full of school supplies and I have to study for recitation, and quiz and most of all, prepare for reporting. Life really will bit you in the butt big time without you noticing it.

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Elementary my Dear

If I can recall all my old days as a student (from elementary, secondary to college, Note: I did not attend pre-school, it was not yet necessary that time.). I was not able to make this kind of artistic activities. But hey, there is always a first time for everything. Never too old to do some elementary artwork by myself and maybe tomorrow or the day before I can improve and evolve to be a better artist (Laugh’s). I feel proud looking at it even if in my view, it looks like an art of a Elementary student.

Here it is, my Portfolio in Philippine Literature.


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