Manage your pace ilok

What I lovr about most apps are you can choose the best to make your personal files safe from other and at the same time help you personal especially those important documents. If you always forget something it is troublesome to find it.

Keeping your personal and important file is easy and surely safe with pace ilok because you can manage and place ilok manager and licences.

One way of organizing managing and organizing you important documents and lincence.

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Back from Davao; Holy Week Special

Just got back from gensan after spending the Holy Week in Davao with my younger brother’s family. We had fun bonding any playing with his two beauty and cutie sons. We did Visits Iglisia (with be posted in church and went malling and swimming.
Hope to spend more time with them with my father this time. He was not able to come with us because he has his own business to attend.

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Sta. Ana Shrine Parish in Davao City, Holy Week Mass Schedules

If you’re happen to be there no Davao City this Holy Week and want to attend a mass near Sta. Ana Shrine Parish. Here’s the mas schedule.

I happen to be there this afternoon and I know the feeling when you want to attend the ass but don’t know the schedule.

This year I did Visita Iglesia. The plan is to visit 10 church but we don’t know where the otherbchurch located and I so happen we did not bring the wifi so we can check it in Google map.

Sta. Ana Shrine Parish in matina Davao is one of those 7 church that we visited.