Wishing for One “Ring”

Maybe I am hopeless romantic or just too picky in choosing a person to have and to hold for the rest of my life because I am still single at my age (age is secret ha!ha!) and still no proposing is happening. Moreover, this year, a lot of marriage and proposing is happening from local celebrities to the common people I know. It is just ashamed and sad that maybe my other half is somewhere far far away or his already taken and happily married because my turn is already pass many years ago. However, I won’t lose hope and faith that also somewhere out there that a new person is intended to be my faith “to have and to hold” for me for the rest of our lives. When that happens, these gold wedding rings are the perfect choice to symbolize our union for the rest of our lives. I don’t need more rings for my fingers, just a gold wedding ring and maybe an engagement ring and most especially the groom and I will be happy for life.

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Still selling (Precious Hearts Romances)

Here are the few of those PHR pocketbooks and it is still for sale. For those interested, please comment below for the tittle or message me on my facebook accout; https://www.facebook.com/SissyWheng.



Thank you and hope to hear from those pocketbook lovers like me soon. By the way, these pocketbooks are not new. It is affordable because it’s 2nd hand( read once).

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Gorgeous Dogeared Jewelry

Homemakers do many things at home, that’s why they called homemakers. They are the person who takes care of the whole family. Make sure the kids are in good health and happy, cooks and clean the house, prepare the whole families needs for school and all. They also the one budgeting for the bills, groceries and more, that sometime they tend to neglect relaxing and do something good for themselves. But here’s a wonderful idea, what about buying them a gorgeous Dogeared necklace, bracelet or both jewelry for your homemaker wife. A simple but very perfect “thank you” gift for their love and care.

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